For over 30 years, the Weather Channel has been working to provide customers with information on the weather across the United States and around the world.  The team at the Weather Channel sorts through over a petabyte of information from various sources to create comprehensive, up to date reports about the weather that affects individuals anywhere on the globe.  Previously, it would take up to 160 hours to generate usable reports from this information which caused a frustrating delay between the time of the event and the time it was announced to users.

To address this issue, the Weather Channel employees began utilizing a Microsoft based system that would drastically cut down the time needed to generate the data and keep users informed on weather in their location.  The program being used is SharePoint 2010, a Microsoft program that allows the company to analyze and compile data efficiently and effectively.  Andy Drooker, Senior Director of Engineering Platforms, reported that because the Weather Channel employees are already familiar with Microsoft and comfortable with this type of system.  This helped to simplify the transition and keep everyone up to speed almost immediately.

The Weather Channel is not the only organization utilizing a Microsoft based system to better their data collection and management, although they are one of the more high profile groups.  Many legal professionals such as lawyers, law enforcement officers, and government organizations also use SharePoint and similar programs to increase efficiency.