The Mississippi Department of Transportation MDOT is the government program in place to oversee the movement of people on public roadways, auto accidents, and the safety of Mississippi motorists.  Because there is so much data regarding traffic conditions and safety laws, the MDOT team has adopted a program that tracks their statistics in an easily accessible database.

The program is based on Microsoft products that were already in place at their office, and utilizes the SharePoint program to host their data sharing.  The content management system allows MDOT employees to analyze trends and identify problematic traffic patterns, all at the click of a button.

John Simpson, Chief Technology Officer of MDOT believes that the SharePoint program effectively helps save lives by cleaning up confusion that clouded the facts.  Because the Microsoft products were already in place on computer systems throughout MDOT, the transition was easy and fast, and all users are equally as familiar with the way the data management program runs.

SharePoint Project Manager for MDOT, Ken Slay reported that the implementation of this type of information system has allowed MDOT to collaborate within itself and with the other state departments that may be involved in handling transportation related issues.

The Department of Transportation is just one example of an organization utilizing a data collection and distribution program to analyze patterns and work on solving potential problems.  Many attorneys, medical professionals, school systems, and law enforcement agencies are also implementing this type of helpful  tool in their everyday work.