Volvo Car Corporation is one of the world’s most recognizable designers of automobiles, with more than 2,300 dealerships and 100 national sales companies across the globe. For a company of this size, data and information storage and collaboration needs are considerable, requiring a highly developed but user friendly information technology system to be managed effectively. For this reason, Volvo chose to adopt Microsoft SharePoint’s SQL server for its business needs.

Microsoft’s SharePoint technology provides a wide range of different business solutions to help large companies organize and streamline their information development and collaboration capabilities. SQL Server access only increases the availability of this information to end users by operating as a cloud system through which information can be stored and retrieved via network access. For Volvo, the benefits in particular related to the ease of use and access which this technology provided their employees.

SharePoint and SQL Benefits

SharePoint and SQL server technology has a wide range of applications for organizations such as large corporations, law firms managing complicated lawsuits, and even small companies whose operations require significant engagement with other users. Some of the benefits of SharePoint and SQL include:

  • Ÿ  Swifter, more reliable data analysis
  • Ÿ  Ease of collaboration and access to information
  • Ÿ  Streamlined content development
  • Ÿ  Enhanced data and information storage capabilities

For all these reasons, professionals from doctors, lawyers, business executives, government organizations, and many others have increasingly come to view Microsoft SharePoint technologies as the key to their success, much as Volvo discovered.