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The San Diego Sherriff Department is responsible for the nearly 1 million citizens of San Diego County.  Their job requirements vary significantly and may include tasks such as monitoring the local jails, providing security to the San Diego County courtrooms, and monitoring the county for unlawful actions.

In order for all 4,000 members of the SD County Sheriff’s Department to keep up to date on important cases and the many citizens of the county, the sheriff’s department has created a system called SD Fusion.  This program works directly with Microsoft industry standard tools in order to automatically load relevant information into a computerized system.

With SD Fusion, a member of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department can access the information they need fast.  All of the data about on-going cases, San Diego citizens, and current events is stored in one easily-accessible database available at the fingertips of all officers.  The department believes this will help in making smart, accurate decisions on the go, which in turn, will enhance public safety.  Chief Information Officer, Andy Chmielinski, stated that “SD Fusion’s mission is to provide tech services to all users”.  Undoubtedly, this Microsoft based program will help the sheriffs of San Diego County make the decisions that help the entire county.

This type of program could also be utilized by other professionals that need fast access to detailed information.  Attorneys and other legal professionals as well as those in the medical field may be interested in pursuing a similar program for their own department in the future.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation MDOT is the government program in place to oversee the movement of people on public roadways, auto accidents, and the safety of Mississippi motorists.  Because there is so much data regarding traffic conditions and safety laws, the MDOT team has adopted a program that tracks their statistics in an easily accessible database.

The program is based on Microsoft products that were already in place at their office, and utilizes the SharePoint program to host their data sharing.  The content management system allows MDOT employees to analyze trends and identify problematic traffic patterns, all at the click of a button.

John Simpson, Chief Technology Officer of MDOT believes that the SharePoint program effectively helps save lives by cleaning up confusion that clouded the facts.  Because the Microsoft products were already in place on computer systems throughout MDOT, the transition was easy and fast, and all users are equally as familiar with the way the data management program runs.

SharePoint Project Manager for MDOT, Ken Slay reported that the implementation of this type of information system has allowed MDOT to collaborate within itself and with the other state departments that may be involved in handling transportation related issues.

The Department of Transportation is just one example of an organization utilizing a data collection and distribution program to analyze patterns and work on solving potential problems.  Many attorneys, medical professionals, school systems, and law enforcement agencies are also implementing this type of helpful  tool in their everyday work.

Austin Health is a major health services provider and research center in Austin, Texas. With more than 8,000 staff and hundreds of thousands of patients treated each year, Austin Health is required to collect and sort a considerable amount of important information relating to their health services in order to ensure the best possible quality of care. To do so, Austin Health turned to Microsoft SharePoint to transform its performance reporting capabilities.

Microsoft SharePoint is an online application platform designed to serve a wide range of different business needs. For large companies such as Austin Health, this platform can be a considerable asset in streamlining information gathering and distribution processes, which can be critical to the success of any company but may be particularly necessary in a healthcare setting or for attorneys, in which actual lives may depend on the ability of employees to quickly and reliably access the information they need.

What SharePoint Can Do

When it comes to providing businesses with the tools that they need to succeed, SharePoint can offer a wide range of different online capabilities, including:

  • Ÿ  Content development and collaboration tools
  • Ÿ  Streamlined infrastructure for creating and sharing information
  • Ÿ  Refined search capabilities
  • Ÿ  Information storage and management

Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, an advertising professional, or even a small business owner, Microsoft SharePoint can be a significant benefit to your business’ operations, as Austin Health discovered. A more detailed examination of the features and services offered by SharePoint can be found on Microsoft’s website.

Johnson Controls is one of the world’s largest and most successful legal corporations, employing more than 160,000 workers and operating in hundreds of locations across six continents. As a leader in energy and operational efficiency management, Johnson Controls collects vast amounts of data on a daily basis. Organizing and streamlining this data, as well as ensuring easy access of this information to employees, is critical to their success. Therefore, Johnson Controls has turned to Microsoft’s SQL servers for its data management needs.

Microsoft SQL servers allows Johnson Controls to look at how much energy is being used in not only all of the buildings they manage, but even how much energy each piece of equipment being used operates on, creating significant energy saving opportunities by focusing on those parts of the organization which are operating at the lowest efficiency. By putting all this data together in real-time, Johnson Controls have significantly improved their operations.

Benefits of SQL Servers

Microsoft’s SQL servers have the ability to provide benefits for a wide range of different types of industries and services, from small business owners to law firms employing thousands of attorneys to multi-national corporations. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Ÿ  Real-time data management
  • Ÿ  Significant information storage capabilities
  • Ÿ  Ease of access and use

These and other benefits of Microsoft’s SQL servers have made them an attractive data management solution for a wide variety of businesses throughout the world, including professionals such as doctors, lawyers, business managers, and even creative professionals.stepleton dugan